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Example list of SUNY Online Teaching team projects and initiatives

Pedagogical/Online Instructional Designer

  1. Attend/Observe/Drive at SUNY Online Teaching new/returning and OSCQR trainings.
  2. Assist in the development of online materials, for example:
    – Produce a dynamic interactive website for online students on how to be a successful/effective online student. Incorporate elements and indicators targeting student self-regulation.
    – Produce a webinar on how online faculty can support successful/effective online students. Incorporate elements and indicators targeting student self-regulation.
    – Produce gamified course materials that faculty can incorporate into their courses that help students target/develop self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS).
  3. Develop content to support the enhancement of the SUNY Online Teaching survey with mechanisms to self assess social, cognitive and learner presences. ( )
  4. Create a repository of online effective practices: Showcases from the online courses for observation.
  5. Conduct and record scripted interviews with exemplar faculty for SUNY Online faculty spotlights and podcasts.
  6. Produce a literature review on online course quality review measures targeting elements of the OSCQR rubric.


  1. Create learning objects on How to use the OSCQR dashboard. And produce other training materials.
  2. ZOOM best practice/use cases templates.
  3. Develop training and materials for how to create screencasts, and other uses of video for instructional purposes.
  4. Develop training and materials for how to create audio feedback, and other uses of audio for instructional purposes.

Media/Content Management

  1. Assist in updating, maintaining, and/or migrating the web content into our various SUNY Online Teaching web spaces.
  2. Review and update aspects of the SUNY Online YouTube channel videos and playlists including closed captioning, tags, descriptions, etc.
  3. Participate in Online Teaching webinar planning and facilitation support.
  4. Publish WordPress content associated with SUNY Online Fellow activities: ambassadors, mentors, reviewers, courses for observations, etc.
  5. Assist with badging activities.

Other Possibilities

  • Assist during peek times at the HD.
  • Assist with community facilitation in the SUNY Online Teaching networking community.
  • Assist in the development or implementation of an assessment instrument to evaluate SUNY Online Teaching services.
  • Assist at the SUNY Summit with live online social media interaction during the conference.


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