SLN Intern 2010: Francisca Capponi Marshall

Dr. Francisca Capponi Marshall

Dr. Francisca Capponi Marshall

Francisca Capponi Marshall was a SUNY Learning Network (SLN) intern during the spring and summer of 2010. Francisca’s internship resulted from an international collaboration between SUNY and INACAP in Santiago, Chile where she worked at the Center for Innovation on Education CIEDU at UTC INACAP.

She has a PhD in Computer Science, began to explore her interest in education while working on her dissertation, and engaged further during her 2 years at the CIEDU. INACAP’s interest in understanding SLN’s high quality online faculty development and effective online teaching and learning practices led to an MOU between the two institutions. Francisca was selected to come from Chile to New York for this internship and to develop recommendations on how to adapt the SLN model to inform INACAP’s online education efforts.

Dr. Marshall is currently the founding member of WELEARN, specialists in high quality e-learning training and designing learning experiences for every type of student. Francisca credits her internship experiences at SLN with with providing her with the tools and a foundation to elevate the educational quality of online courses and the online student experience with learning and new technologies in Chile.


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