Online Teaching

Podcast: Interviews with Early Online Faculty

Conversations between an Instructional Designer and Online Faculty

These are a conversations between exemplary online faculty and expert instructional designer Alexandra M. Pickett. These conversations were conducted in the summer of 2010 and intended for interested online faculty and instructional designers as companion dialogs to online course observations, including best practices, suggestions, and lessons learned along the way.

These interviews were created using with audacity, a free easy to use, cross-platform audio editor. Then podomatic was used to create a podcast site. Podomatic provides the widget code that used to create the player that you see below.



Audio Commentary

Elementary French 1
Spring 2012
Rob Piorkowski
Cayuga County Community College

Introduction – 3 minutes
CourseMap Tour – 10 minutes
Learning Activities – 24 minutes
Reflections – 18 minutes
Fall 2005

Developmental Psychology
Bill Pelz
Herkimer County Community College
Herkimer Internet Academy
Introduction – 5 minutes
CourseMap Tour – 15 minutes
Learning Activities – 21 minutes
Reflections – 14 minutes
Fall 2005
History of Western Art and Civilization:
Renaissance to the Modern Era

Winter 2006 (mini) Beth Harris has a PhD in art history, and with Steven Zucker, founded the Webby-award winning site, was (Co)Dean for Art and History with Steven Zucker,  worked as Director of Digital Learning at the Museum of Modern Art, was Director of Distance Learning at the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and as an Assistant Professor of Art History. She taught online and was proud to be part of the SUNY Learning Network.
Beth Harris
Fashion Institute of Technology
Introduction – 6 minutes
CourseMap Tour & Learning Activities – 20 minutes
Reflections13 minutes
Modern Art
Spring 2006  Steven Zucker was (Co)Dean for Art and History with Beth Harris at Khan Academy where they helped to create Humanities-based content and learning strategies at the Khan Academy.They created the open art history site, Steven was Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) and Chair of Art and Design History at Pratt Institute. He has also worked and taught at The Museum of Modern Art. He has a Ph.D. in art history.
Steven Zucker
Fashion Institute of Technology
Introduction – 8 minutes
CourseMap Tour – 8 minutes
Learning Activities – 13 minutes
Reflections5 minutes
Elementary German II
Spring 2006
John Prusch has a Ph.D. in German from the University at Albany and has spent several years integrating technology into language learning and teaching at the K-12, college, and adult levels. He received a B.A. and M.A. in comparative literature and a master’s in K-12 classroom instruction with an emphasis on cooperative learning and instructional design that is based on technology. He has experience both as a technology and language center coordinator, in which positions he assisted and instructed faculty in the pedagogic use of technology. John teaches German online for Onondaga County Community College was a lead SLN multimedia instructional designer for central New York and is presently the senior instructional designer for online learning at Excelsior College.
John Prusch
Onondaga Community College
Introduction – 3:30 minutes
CourseMap Tour – 13:30 minutes
Learning Activities – 30 minutes
Reflections – 13:30 minutes


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