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Librarians and Online Course Support

Librarians and Online Course Support

Across SUNY, many librarians are either instructional designers, or work closely with instructional designers, to create online courses that offer information literacy, research, and writing support as well as relevant, high quality content. Participating in this Community opens doors to having a voice and contributing your expertise to the online teaching community,

As part of the Open SUNY initiative, select online Open SUNY-powered courses were developed and designed by a collaborative team, consisting of faculty, instructional designers, instructional multimedia developers, and online course development librarians.  

Librarians on the Open SUNY teams contributed their expertise in the areas of information literacy, content discovery and development, and copyright and licensing issues. It is the goal of SUNY Online to build a community of practice for online course support librarians and increase the practice of using librarians in the instructional design process.

The Open SUNY Library Course Support Team members were (from December 2013 – October 2014):

Brandon West, Geneseo
Dana Longley, Empire State
Amanda Mitchell, Delhi
Darren Chase, Stony Brook
Michelle Costello, Geneseo
Cori Wilhelm, Canton
Laura K. Murray, OLIS 

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