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Community Participants

There are lots of opportunities to for community members to participate in SUNY Online Teaching Community activities.

  1. Join as an Online Teaching Fellow in your preferred role.
  2. Attend (view) an online event/webinar, or participate in a sponsored activity.
  3. Join the SUNY Online Teaching online networking community to connect, network, and interact with others in the online teaching community. For both SUNY and non-SUNY. 
  4. Join the SUNY Online Teaching Yammer group. For SUNY only. 
  5. Subscribe to the Open SUNY Online Teaching Gazette – a curated monthly newsletter for those interested in online teaching.
  6. Follow the Online Teaching Blog
  7. Explore the SUNY Online Teaching video repository.
  8. Complete the “Interested in Teaching Online?” self-paced course.

Community Participant badges are available to acknowledge participation in community activities. Individuals who earn this badge contribute to the growth and diversity of the community of practice by participating in SUNY Online Teaching community activities and sponsored events.

Badge earners are SUNY Online community members who can demonstrate evidence of their participation and engagement in the community to:

  • Expand their understanding of online education.
  • Learn more about effective online teaching practices.
  • Connect/network within the SUNY Online Teaching Community of Practice.
  • Learn more about  SUNY Online.


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