Online Teaching Survey
SUNY Learning Network (SLN)

This survey is intended to explore the issues of teaching presence and community in online learning environments. It builds upon previous research we have conducted that inquires into the nature of high quality online teaching and learning. The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate your online course and teaching experiences. Your answers to these questions will produce a report that we hope will be helpful to you as you consider revisions and improvements to your online course.

Items in this survey are derived from previously published research on class community (Rovai, 2001, 2002). For past SLN reports on student and faculty satisfaction go to

Please respond to the questions about your online course(s). You must fill out your name, and use a valid email address. When you have finished, be sure to use the "Submit Survey" button (located at the bottom of this form). Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

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