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  • Welcome!
    So, you are interested in learning more about online teaching? You can start this journey by assessing your skills and readiness.
  • Check Your Readiness.
    Take a short self-assessment to see if you have the basics.
  • Assess Your Skills!
    To develop and teach an online course, basic computer, word processing, internet, and email skills are essential. Use the checklists to evaluate your readiness for online teaching.
  • Observe an Online Course
    Check out the designs of a variety of online courses.
  • Question your assumptions!
    Browse videos to hear what online faculty and students have to say about online teaching and learning.
  • Start Your Journey
    Once you have completed the Readiness activities, you are ready to begin your journey.


Welcome We're eager to help you start your journey to learn more about online teaching.

To help you on your way, we have prepared several resources for you – everything from gauging your own readiness for online teaching, to hearing from online faculty and students about their online teaching and learning experiences.

Completing the activities on this page is your first step!

Get Started