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    Online Course Design
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Teach Online Step by Step:
Online Course Design

Be sure to check with your campus online learning office and/or online instructional design support services for campus-specific tools, resources, recommendations, policies, and processes.

Step 1: Reflect

Step 2: Connect

Step 3: Organize

Step 4: Build

Step 5: Refine

The OSCQR Rubric provides a set of 50 standards that you can use as you build, refine, and review the instructional design of your online course to help you inform and improve your online course design with effective online practices.

    • Before you teach your course online, review your course information documents and update them, especially the Course Schedule, Assignments, Grading Scheme, etc. Review your course content and learning activities. Review your plans and instructions for interaction and collaboration. Review your assessments and plans for providing feedback. Don’t forget to spell check.
    • Check with your campus instructional designer for any campus-specific course review processes.

Step 6: Implement

Step 7: Evolve



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