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Time to reflect

In a classroom setting I do not formulate my ideas quickly enough sometimes to be involved in the discussion; and by the time I have something to say; we are well past the subject.  I like this because I was able to actually take time to think about the discussion and my answers.

I enjoyed this class very much; and I did feel more comfortable asking questions.  I am already registered to take three online courses for this fall semester… I can’t wait!-)


On-line classes are an overall wonderful experience.  I like the convenience of working from home and going to class when it is convenient for me.  I also feel like I learn more because of the discussions.  Instead of having classroom discussions once a week; you are interacting with other students frequently throughout the week.

I took my entire masters degree online.  I found this a blessing as the nearest college was a 45 minute drive.  I work full time and have two very small children.  This format allowed me to complete my masters!  These were my last two courses.  The only thing that became a problem from time to time was when students had other programs that weren’t compatible with mine.  I use Microsoft works and there were times when things didn’t quite look the way they should.  Other than that it was a great experience.  The one great thing about the program is the hours.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything done until my kids went to bed.  There were many; many nights I had to be on until the wee hours; which was very helpful!

Having online courses such as this is a tremendous benefit to those of us who already have nearly unbearable schedules. Were it not for this being online; I don’t know when I’d have been able to fit it in. It helped a great deal that I could “attend class” at 2am when I needed to.

I am glad that colleges offer online courses. I have two young daughters and right now it would not be possible for me to attend college on campus. So; online courses make it so I can earn a degree while watching my two children.

Great concept. I like the fact that I can spend the time doing my work instead of commuting back and forth to class.

I found the online learning environment fit my lifestyle like a glove. It was educational; flexible; and technically problem free. I am very satisfied; and will be back.

Thanks 🙂

I feel my learning online has been a benefit to me with my work and family schedule. I honestly don’t know if I could take any other classes than the ones offered online. The are wonderful.

Online classes are great. I talk way more in them than in in-class classes because you can spend hours on what ever you want. In the classroom classes are either held once; twice; or three times a week and professors have to cover a certain amount of things and sometimes there is no time for us students to talk a lot. But in online classes we can talk more which better; better learning experience. The more interaction there is the more we learn. Plus with online classes I don’t have to go crazy hoping that my baby-sitter shows up; and rushing to get me and my kids ready if I have to bring them to play group. Also saves me money. And some students have agoraphobia and social phobias that they are to afraid to tell anyone about; so they end up missing class in in-class classes; online classes make it easier for them.

This was the greatest idea since sliced bread. I am able to complete my college degree without leaving my house. Thanks to all involved who make this so easy and successful.

I enjoyed taking courses on line it gave me time with family and I was able to still work full time. I could do my homework late at night or when rest of family was out being busy. Gave me more time to concentrate on the course. Put more effort in the course. If didn’t like answer could change before submitting final paper.

I loved taking the online courses. I would be interested to take my whole degree online if it was offered. There is just no time in my day to be sitting in a classroom at a certain time of the day. I have two small children that go to school at different times and a husband who is working two jobs; this was perfect for me.

As a first time user of the SLN network; I would have to rate it excellent. I was able to better understand science through this class than in a normal class setting; and it was very convenient for me to be able to get access to my “classroom” basically anywhere I was.


This was my tenth; and last online course in obtaining my master’s degree.  This was the most involved instructor I ever had; he was supportive; flexible and promoted a “classroom atmosphere” like no other.  We were all very supportive of each other and our interactions were more meaningful than other online courses in the past.  This instructor was EXCELLENT!

This course was the best online course I have ever taken; and I have taken many over the past few years.  What made it so terrific was the exceptional interaction among the students. Discussions on questions posed by the instructor stayed on topic and rarely veered off onto unrelated matters. Discussions about assignments helped clarify the problems by providing alternative ways of analyzing situations. The high degree of interaction made the relationship among the students more personal; and thus enhanced (for me) the feeling of camaraderie with one’s classmates one tends to feel in a classroom situation.

I really enjoyed this class and it drove me nuts when life in general would prevent me from being involved with the class-the discussions were fun and if you could not log in for a day or two there was a lot to catch up on and I did not want to miss anything-the classmates were a diverse group and I wanted to absorb all of their thoughts and ideas.

The Professor was very good about letting the students know what was expected and when at the start of the class-this was very good to be able to pace myself and plan ahead with my busy schedule.

Can’t say enough nice things about [the] Professor.  He made himself a part of the class and the discussions. Offered different viewpoints and gave links to follow so we could check it out and form our own opinion. He added humor to the discussions and put encouraging comments on tests and assignments. Excellent motivator. He made us all feel like a “group” instead of strangers; and the quality of our discussions proved it. Wish he could teach every internet class.

Advantages for the disabled

As a learning disabled individual; I felt more at ease and able to learn more effectively because I’m a visual learner.  Secondly; because of the way I process information it takes me more time to evaluate and voice an opinion which I can never do in a regular classroom setting as I always feel like they’re talking in a foreign language and online it’s totally opposite and I felt I could voice my opinion at all times and have the time to process and think of a good answer to the questions.

I am very pleased with the “SLN”; if it were not for this for this medium; I would be unable to complete college; due to physical disabilities.


When I thought of taking this course online; I could not imagine how it could be effectively transmitted electronically.  Boy; was I wrong!  As always in my every learning experience; it was the talent of the instructor that made the course both a challenge and interesting.  I learned so very much and her encouragement; high standards and enthusiasm created a reality classroom filled with new information.  I believe there is a special talent to teaching online courses and my first experience this Spring semester left me with two of three excellent teachers.  I am thrilled to have taken this course and walk away with a plethora of new information on music and a global music experience.

I have never taken a course that challenged me personally; and professionally such as this course. [The Professor] has a wonderful teaching technique that in my experience is rare. She is definitely an asset to [the] Community College.

I have gained so much knowledge from her instruction and find any student under her direction will succeed as she makes it her job that they do.

This being my first online course I was blessed in having a brilliant math teacher. She was patient; kind; helpful and especially understanding. She was one the reasons why I enjoyed this online course. Coming into the course I was extremely fearful and scared; because I always struggled in math; but having [the] professor’s understanding; support and guidance; helped my fears and frustration towards math. I was and still am extremely surprised how well I did in the unit tests and assignments. I owe it to [the] Professor.

[The Professor] is a brilliant online professor.  She sets high standards and strict rules for participation.  Having said that; she LISTENS to the needs of the students and applies flexibility and judgment when the situation calls for it.  She actively participates.  She responds to questions quickly and her turnaround time on grading assignments is fast.  She keeps the momentum going in the class.  I have a sense that professors either make or break an online course.  [Professor ] makes it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very clear to all his students that [the] Professor  expected a lot from each of us; but he also put forth 200% effort when we had questions or concerns.  In addition; [the] Professor  spent (what seemed) hours on each of our individual assignments and gave me feedback (pages I might add) regarding each of my submitted assignments (either discussion based or paper based).  The professor’s feedback was instrumental in helping me fully understand the course material.  Overall; I was extremely impressed with [the] Professor ‘s knowledge; but more importantly; the amount of time and effort he spent on my individual homework submissions.  For every hour of time I spent on assignments or group discussion entries;  [the] Professor spent the same amount of time offering feedback and direction to not only myself but to the entire class.

I would like to state that [my professors] developed a excellent French II program.  I have found myself using more French language than ever and my writing has improved greatly.  The personal feel to the discussions with [my professor]  (when I had a problem) and the weekly assigned oral practice with [my other professor] has increased my confidence in using the French language.  There is nothing I can say badly about these two Professors.  They were more than teachers (were my personal cheerleaders when I needed to build confidence) and also helped me build my self-esteem to use the French language more comfortably. I came into the French classes (I & II) with no knowledge of the language – never took a language before – but came out of the class with the ability to talk to friends in Europe with little problem with them understanding me. If I could give them a grade on their teaching skills it would be a A+.

I have to say that [my professor] is one outstanding instructor. He is the model by which all instructors should follow. He answers e-mails within hours; answers posts within hours; his input in class discussions is frequent; candid; engaging; extremely thought-provoking and friendly; he never bullies or tries to take possession a conversation. He makes the students feel welcome to speak their views; a quality I find very meaningful.  He has set quite the standard for a student and what they hope to have in their instructor. I only wish I could take more classes with him; he is THAT good. Sincerely;[ Ann ]

I commend [my] professor on her teaching abilities. She shared with us that this was her first time teaching an on-line course. From my experience taking on-line courses; [she] did a phenomenal job; and I hope that she continues to be an instructor for Communications Decisions. Future students would be privileged to have her as an instructor. She did a fantastic job. She was always there to help; was very understanding in regards to challenges experienced; and always made sure we were understanding the material. I will be able to use what I learned in this class in my personal; academic; and occupational endeavors. I learned so much about communication that will greatly assist me in all situations.

[My] Professor was an absolutely phenomenal instructor. I learned so much from him. This was my first time taking a “art” course per se; and at times I was extremely challenged in regards to the writing assignments. [My] Professor was always there to guide me and help me go in the right direction when I had a challenge with the writing assignments. He always answered my questions and went well above and beyond to elaborate on the material. The challenges I experienced helped me to learn more about cinema; and I will never view cinema in the same way again; and that is such a positive thing! What a rewarding experience!

I was surprised at how well [my professor’s] personality came through in this experience.  That helped tremendously in keeping it from being just a cold transmission of knowledge. In other words; it was far from being just like reading a textbook on my own. She projected more personality through the internet than some of my past math teachers have shown in person!

This was a very difficult course in terms of time and effort spent to produce the required product.  However; the way the Professor designed the course; provided guidance every step of the way; provided feedback and assistance; I was able to satisfy the requirements.  I love the way the course is structured; in fact I have had several courses with this professor and they are structured similarly. I think it is very productive that we work on the project consistently throughout the course; fulfilling a portion of the finished product requirements along the way with specific deadlines.  Likewise; having students evaluate your work and provide feedback as well as given the opportunity to do the same for other students is an outstanding way to engage in teamwork–everyone contributes to the finished product of another.  The feedback from the instructor has been outstanding.  This was a very challenging course and I learned more in this class than in any other.  All of the tools of education and learning were incorporated into the course.  I also think it is an excellent idea to require classroom presentations of the finished product. Thank you to Professor  for a challenging; enjoyable; terrific learning experience and thank you for your help.

This prof. actually gave a “grade” to each point of discussion. Great idea!!!! You should look at it as a requirement for each course.

Shyness and stress

I was pleasantly surprised by how great my experience was with SLN. It made learning fun and much more accessible. This type of setting helped me learn how to help myself as well as not feel so shy when I needed to make a point.

Again; being able to learn at home in an unstructured setting at your own pace makes learning a lot less stressful. I was amble to put more time; effort; and quality in my work; and I truly enjoy logging on and learning.  The help desk people are very helpful; and overall I am extremely satisfied with this setup.

This is a wonderful way to learn; with a lot less stress. I enjoy logging on in the midnight hours with some candles burning…being able to take online courses has had a very positive impact on my studying; and the content and quality of my work.  The Helpdesk was excellent in responding quickly and efficiently.  It is greatly appreciated; I enjoy logging on.  Keep up the good work!

I feel that being able to complete courses online gave me more time to study.  I was more relaxed taking exams and did much better than I do in a classroom setting.  I feel that one had to be more accountable regarding homework assignments.  If you did not submit one; it was obvious; if you don’t complete your homework in a classroom setting; you can “get by”.

I hope that SUNY will offer more online courses.  I only have 5 to six classes left and they are not all offered on the internet; so I will have to commute.  From my job the commute is an hour.

Comparison to the Classroom

I wouldn’t trade this online experience for the class room if I don’t have to.  I learnt so much more; and I even felt much smarter.  I have gained so much more knowledge and understanding learning on my own with the help of my mentor than actual being lectured to in a class room.  I think in the classroom I depend too much on the professors; but online I have to depend mostly on my own self and the discipline that I put into my studies.  I truly appreciate online courses much more than classroom lecture.  Thanks to Empire State College.

By taking this course online I had to dedicate more time as if I were in an actual class room.  In addition; I found that essays were critiqued harder than in classroom.  I told my friends that there’s no time to goof off when taking courses online.  It exceeds the classroom – which is a good thing…

I was a little worried about taking this class when I first started but it ended up being one of my favorite classes.  There were some great discussions between select classmates.  I just wish that more people would have participated in the class discussions because it always felt like it was just a select few.  I know that I learned so much more than I would have if this had been a classroom based class.  I just finished my associate’s degree and if I decide to come back for my bachelor’s I will plan on taking as many online classes as possible!

I feel I learned so much more through this online course than I would have in a classroom from the discussions. The participation was wonderful and the ability to voice an opinion is great.

I felt I learned more from this course then being in school I read more then I did when I was in school. And I can attribute that to having the time to do it. And my teacher was a ace when you had a question and I wasn’t afraid to ask him. I really loved this course and I am looking forward to Computer Forensics 2. If at all possibly I would love to graduate online from [my community college].

I hope [my campus] will provide more online courses in the near future (Especially for the Computer Information Systems or Computer Science majors).  They are a wonderful way for nontraditional students; like myself; to pursue the degree they desire without having to spend so much time inside the classroom.  I felt online learning was much more difficult than classroom instruction; but I actually learned a lot more than I would have if I attended the classes on campus.  And I felt more comfortable asking questions and interacting with the other students.  I plan to take three more online courses for the Fall semester and I can’t wait!


I would recommend online classes to others. For me the online was like a game and I couldn’t wait to see what everyone had done. I also like getting a grade more readily than with class room studies. For me the online studies allowed me to work around my work schedule and I could devote more time to studies as I didn’t have to drive.

This particular class (documentation in Human Services) was QUITE enlightening. we had to interview directors in actual work settings. this provided valuable real-world experience. I am not as intimidated now in thinking that I will be a good Social Worker.

I need 6 courses to graduate with my BA and this was by far the best course; best instructor; and I learned so much about myself; about life; and I feel I will be able to help people in times of loss much more effectively. I recommend this course!

I find having to become self motivated and more independent problem solving gave me a deeper sense of learning. The hands on with this course was great and the interaction with the rest of the class was a great teacher.  I did not have this with my first on line course.

Access Advantages

I appreciated the ability to access a college course before being in college.  It gives high school college bound students a taste of what is to come an know what lies ahead; content-wise and skills-wise.  It really helps to prepare us.  For those already in college; it is a great service for those hard to schedule courses or if there are other interference like work; etc.  It is a great idea and does not lack anything in the way of content with the manner it is conveyed.


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