SLN Intern 2010: Paulina Carrasco

Paulina Carrasco Briones

Paulina Carrasco Briones

Paulina Carrasco was an intern with SLN during the summer of 2010. She worked as an instructional designer at the Center for Innovation on Education (CIedu), INACAP in Santiago, Chile, and was an instructor in their master’s program in higher educuation applied pedagogy. Her internship resulted from a memorandum of understanding signed between INACAP and SUNY to learn more about SLN’s online faculty development processes and online instructional design approaches, and to experience first-hand an SLN faculty development cycle. She joined her colleague, Francisca Capponi, to jointly observe and participate in SLN Education services activities and events, and to collaborate with her on activities to adopt and adapt SLN processes, materials, and approaches for use by INACAP.

Today, Paulina is the founding director of quality and innovation at WeLearn. WeLearn is an online consulting firm that aims to bring high quality online instructional design and online teaching and learning environments and practices to Chile in South America. She is a strategist and online instructional designer, and an expert in online learning. She credits her internship with SLN as a pivotal and foundational experience in her professional and career development. She is also the lead in the WeLearn/OLC partnership on the Spanish version of the OLC Instructional Designer Certificate program (an Open SUNY Online Teaching program adopted by OLC in 2016).




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