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Focused Topic drop-in Sessions

Spring 2021

Using Tests in Blackboard                2/9/21

In this drop in session, we will discuss using tests in Blackboard courses. We’ll walk through building tests, selecting test question types, as well managing test availability settings effectively. In addition to the setup involved in Blackboard tests, we’ll cover what students need to know to be prepared to successfully complete a test.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/-KiZxynxeX06V2CeSs82SqGjqAphfspX6OXH3kP8DnXw6FyRLzE6BrOg9eYstSKQ.VRGxm-nGRTN-ZZNy


Fall 2020

Recordings From Previous Focused Topic Drop-in Sessions

Effective Online Teaching Practices                8/18/20

This session will focus on many strategies, online course design features, and online teaching techniques that work.  Rob Piorkowski, a SUNY instructional designer and trainer will provide resources and insights into many best practices.  Rob has 20 years of experience as an instructional designer and online instructor.

Recording: Was not recorded.

Running Bb Reports                            8/20/20

This session will cover the powerful features in Bb Learn designed to track student activity and help instructors “see” everything going on in their courses.  Nina Santiago and Robert Jones, both experienced SUNY Online Help Desk Analysts, will demonstrate how Bb Reports are used to monitor activity in online courses across the SUNY System.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/38hzDa6o6mpIcKvgxRjNRb59P4L4X6a8gyMY8vcOxErNUBIk0VoT_mwt5z3wWf9L
Chat archive: https://online.suny.edu/onlineteaching/dropin-topics/bbreportschat/
Resource: https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Performance/Course_Reports

Building Online Class Community         8/27/20

For remote and online learners, we can mitigate the distance from them by building “social presence” into our courses.  Learners benefit from feeling a social connection to you the instructor, as well as to each other. This session will look at some of the effective practices in building a sense of community into your online course space.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/y-E2N_LK0T9JfKeU2GTPR5MhRrv8aaa8gScZqKcLmh1CpS_rd-On0GBZhTSpov6D
Chat archive:
Presentation materials: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/161TX24s-kxWUQoLn810WlysYIMEQYezIMfJ_7tfzjQk/edit?usp=sharing
Resources: https://onlineteaching.open.suny.edu/page/community-interaction

Effective Online Discussion                 9/1/20

Online discussion forums have provided instructors with some very compelling NEW possibilities for instruction.  When designed properly, learning activities that require students to interact with each other can provide a rich, authentic experience for both students and instructor.  This session will focus on how to design and manage these interactions in your online/blended course.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/vJN-cb7erU9LbNbPsn6GUYA_O9i9X6a8gyBN_vIJyxo52FsKJb8ORDd2mjyQDqZY?startTime=1598968989000
Chat archive:
Presentation Materials:


Managing Your Online Course         9/3/20

Come and learn about effective practices in providing feedback, grading and using your communication tools in Bb Learn.  A good understanding of these powerful features will help you in handling student submissions and grade them efficiently.

Recording:  https://zoom.us/rec/share/cjay-s-e2OzoLlMwW0TnqkYaw8-g_rfHpg9E4Vv_40PpFCjy7r4uoOj5zf9tQodj.ifPq8afK8acoP9NF?startTime=1599141865000
Chat archive:
Presentation Materials: This session used demonstration materials. See the recording.
Resources: https://onlineteaching.open.suny.edu/page/onlineteachingtips

Using Rubrics to Provide Clear Expectations, Objective Criteria & to Facilitate Efficient Grading                           9/10/20

Rubrics in the online classroom help instructors provide clear criteria and expectations to students for their graded assignments. They also ensure an objective and expedient grading process for instructors. In this session, we will explore how to create in Bb, how to align them with particular assignments and learning activities, and how to use them to grade student work.

Recording: Was not recorded.
Presentation Materials:

Bb Reports                            9/15/20     
In this drop-in session, we will discuss Blackboard as a database which records activity and present analytics in several forms. We will discuss reviewing student activity through the Grade Center, Collaborate attendance reports, and course reports.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/CrU0U_vVq-JkT1bD0BP3p0wDzhvPv6SKhS5KPJlxovoa5yyi55nU7-

Chat archive:

Bb Learn Retention Center                           9/22/20
In this drop-in session, we will discuss several ways of monitoring student activity, including using the Retention Center. We’ll discuss how to combine different tools to monitor student engagement with your course.

Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/bNt2xbWES0-b1c7KiN6XRP9L1tUTRGMhjluAwIpBjrZ_Xu1H-oquqoE-DWVoNXwh.w4_iWlAKWgzjRebR?startTime=1600798016000
Chat archive: https://online.suny.edu/onlineteaching/dropin-topics/retentioncenter/


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