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    Teach Remotely

Checklist for Remote Teaching:
Teach Remotely

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Some definitions* from traditional online teaching and learning:

  • Asynchronous: Online, but not live, or at the same time/place. 100% of the direct instruction occurs under time delay; that is, direct instruction is recorded/stored and accessed later.
  • Synchronous: Online live video. 100% of the Direct instruction occurs in real time without (time) delay.
  • Combined Online – Combinations of optional & required Synchronous & Asynchronous course delivery and interaction types. 100% of the Direct instruction combines both Synchronous and Asynchronous type.
    • Primarily Synchronous – live video (with some asynchronous activities/components that occur online but not live or at the same time/place.)
    • Primarily Asynchronous – online but not live or at the same time/place (with some synchronous activities/components that occur live and at the same time.)
    • 6 Models for Blended Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Course Delivery
  • Blended/Hybrid: a blend of face to face and online (synchronous and/or asynchronous) teaching and learning.
    • BlendKit – What is blended learning?
  • Hyflex: a face-to-face course, that provides the option and choice for students to participate face-to-face, online synchronously (live), or online asynchronously, and gives students the option to choose which modality to engage in at any time, typically weekly.

Of course there are other types of online, or technology-enhanced teaching and learning environments. There are many modes, models, approaches, techniques and combinations of these types of environments including:

  • Self-paced
  • AI-enabled
  • Competency-based
  • Simulations
  • Serious games
  • Adaptive learning

If asked to transition to remote teaching you will need to make some decisions about how to proceed based on how much time you have; your campus supports, tools, and recommendations; your student circumstances; discipline-specific needs/requirements; and your personal adaptability and skills, and you may be asked to make choices and decisions about your course design and delivery.

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