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Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassador 2017 – Corning: Sri Kamesh Narasimhan

Sri Kamesh Narasimhan

Sri Kamesh Narasimhan

Sri Kamesh Narasimhan, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Corning Community College. Kamesh received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Syracuse University, Syracuse and a MSc. and BSc. in Chemistry from Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India. Kamesh teaches a variety of chemistry courses at both majors and non-majors level at Corning Community College. He also oversees the Chemical Technology Program at the college. He also serves as the College’s Assistant Chemical Hygiene Officer.

I am very passionate about teaching and as a chemist I feel that it is my duty to bring experiments to life by performing demonstrations in a face-to-face traditional classroom. However, it is challenging to do a visually appealing demonstration on an online platform. For this very reason, I initially spent time organizing my non-majors chemistry course as a hybrid, where the labs and some lectures are done at campus and the rest of the learning occurs online. During the past year, I have designed discovery-based labs and case studies, that will make the course completely online, challenge the students at home and keep them motivated. I feel that learning, even for instructors is and should be a constant process. Learning can happen not only in a face-to-face classroom but will also occur online, but only if we remain proactive and pay attention!

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