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SUNY Online Teaching is a vibrant community of online practitioners with a long history of sharing what we know with each other in the interest of continuously improving our online course designs and online teaching practices by leveraging the expertise and experiences of our rich and diverse community.

Joining the SUNY Online Teaching Community will give you access to a network of online faculty, instructional designers, technologists, librarians, and others who are committed to excellent in online teaching and learning. You can network, share, and engage in conversations with other members in the SUNY community of online practitioners to further explore your interest, questions, and challenges in teaching online.

If you have not done so already, please sign up as an official SUNY Online Fellow in the Interested role.

Here is a sampling of regular activities you can participate in within the SUNY Online Teaching community:

  • Attend Monthly Fellow chats, which showcase SUNY Online Fellows and their work to support our mission of networking, interaction, and excellence in online teaching and learning practices.
  • Join the online SUNY Online Teaching networking community of online practitioners. As a true “community of practice,” members represent diverse interests, as well as varying levels of expertise and experience.
  • Subscribe to the monthly Online Teaching Gazette highlighting a curated collection of articles, videos, and podcasts from recent headlines.
  • Visit the SUNY Online Teaching website for a centralized location for all events, engagement opportunities, and updates.
  • Explore some of Online Effective Practices. This program aims to collect, share, recognize, and showcase the online best practices, strategies, and innovative online teaching and learning activities of exemplary SUNY Online Fellows and online practitioners from across the SUNY system and in partnership with TOPR from UCF.
  • Connect with a experienced online mentor from our list of mentors willing to share what they know.
  • Observe some exemplary online courses.
  • Peruse workshop training opportunities in various formats (face-to-face, webinar, self-paced) for those new to online teaching, or advanced workshops for experienced online teaching faculty.
  • Review the OSCQR Online Course Review Rubric to self-assess course design.
  • Participate in research and surveys that inform best practices and quality online teaching, and provide data on SUNY and campus level services.
  • Access to national and international experts, organizations, conference presentation and award opportunities through engagement in organizations and events such as the:

If you are not already an SUNY Online Fellow, join today to stay connected and learn about the many ways you can engage in this dynamic community!

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Online Teaching
SUNY Online Teaching is nationally and internationally recognized for our commitment to academic excellence through research-driven, community-supported practices of innovative teaching, learner-centered instruction, and pedagogy-focused approaches. The SUNY Online Teaching website and blog provides information on how to access and engage SUNY Online Teaching  materials, resources, supports and services.

SUNY Online Teaching Networking Community
Initiate, share, facilitate, engage, learn, join, participate, collaborate, interact, connect! For those interested in improving their online teaching and learning practices and who are also willing to “share what they know!”
SUNY Online Teaching Networking Community – open regardless of SUNY affiliation.
SUNY Online Teaching Yammer Group – for SUNY employees only.

Online Teaching Gazette
Subscribe to this is a collaboratively curated SUNY Online Teaching publication for those interested in keeping current with and continuously improving their online teaching and learning practices.