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About the SUNY COIL Center


We envision a world free from implicit bias, where people engage across differences to fully connect with others. We believe that an educational environment that fosters shared values, mutual understanding, and critical digital literacy, and which promotes interaction across boundaries to develop leadership, collaborative problem solving and contextualized decision making, will make this vision a reality. 


To cultivate an engaged educational environment by providing the resources, support, and professional network to enable educators and institutions to incorporate virtual engagement opportunities for all students and faculty. We do this by:

  • Simplifying the process of integrating collaborative online learning into educational practices 
  • Empowering the professional community of practice dedicated to thoughtful and quality growth of the field 
  • Inspiring and supporting educators to offer engaging and globally relevant educational experiences
  • Developing materials and resources for independent professional development
  • Making meaningful connections between people, cultures, and ideas

Our offerings

Professional development for professors and staff

  • Preparing to teach with COIL
  • Ongoing topical webinars
  • Mastery classes
  • Training for staff who support COIL at their institutions
  • In-person workshops
  • Mentoring


  • Strategic planning for curricular internationalization
  • Strategic plan implementation timeline and support
  • One-on-one consultations on class design and development
  • Assessment planning
  • Onsite evaluations of courses and program implementation
  • Custom professional development and training

Schedule of upcoming online workshops:

2020-21 SUNY COIL Network Membership Info

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Some sample COIL Syllabi

International Joint Venture COIL outline

Collaborating and Educating in English through Digital Media

Successful Veterinary Business

Photography COIL Syllabus

Cultural Influences on Management Styles

Cross Cultural Storytelling through Media