Perspectives on COIL

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Student perspectives

“It shrinks the globe for you.  Now I might take the chance and study abroad because I know someone from overseas.”

“I would love to have at least one COIL class every semester.  It really changed my whole academic experience and my personal life. I’ve been so eager to have that experience again…  It really broadened my horizons.”  

“I would definitely do this again given the opportunity because this is great for people like me who kind of just stick to their circle and don’t really branch out and talk to new people, I think that’s important but I don’t do it enough. I learned to not be so shy and just speak up.”

I feel that doing this course collaboratively with our international partners really added a more hands on experience to our class.  It is one thing to just talk about how to use online marketing in class, but this course required that we take what we learned and apply it.”

Instructor perspectives

My COIL work has been transformative to my teaching and scholarship.  My COIL partnership has added depth and dimension to the curriculum and my teaching has become more active and intersectional. 

“COIL has not only internationalized my curriculum, but it has internationalized my teaching methods as well. Thanks to my COIL experiences, I have been able to learn new classroom activities from my international teaching partners.” 

“COIL = connecting for a purpose, virtual exchange matters”

What is Virtual Exchange?

  • Technology supported people-to-people dialogues and collaboration sustained over a period of time
  • Interactive social learning
  • Facilitated by teachers and/or trained facilitators
  • Meaningful intercultural experiences

COIL is a form of Virtual Exchange developed by the State University of New York (SUNY). The main features of COIL are described under the What is COIL tab. The SUNY COIL Center was founded in 2004 to engage students and professors across cultures to work together on collaborative projects and discussions, making international and intercultural experiences within reach of every student at every institution.

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