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Getting started

This is a  self-guided introduction to​ Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). It will take you about an hour to work through the materials on this website. You can navigate this website by using the menus along the top.  You do not have to work through the materials in a linear way, but we recommend that you start with the first tab: What is COIL? 

So, what is COIL?

In a nutshell: COIL is about connecting across difference.

It connects you and a colleague in another country to develop collaborative projects that your students do together across time zones, language differences and geographical distance using online tools. It becomes one aspect of your course, supporting your student learning goals, giving you and your students the opportunity to engage hands-on with your course concepts and new ideas and – most importantly – exploring them from different cultural perspectives.

We hope you enjoy this introduction and that it motivates you to include COIL in your courses. The SUNY COIL Center offers online workshops to get you prepared to embed COIL into your classes, and offers opportunities for you to find partners around the world. If you would like to participate in additional training and workshops on COIL, contact your campus point person or contact the SUNY COIL Center at coilinfo@suny.edu. Workshop dates for 2020-21 are here.

Special note during the global Coronavirus pandemic:

These are difficult times for people around the world. As things quickly shift in education as in all sectors of society, we believe the importance of developing cross-cultural communication skills and global understanding is as urgent as it has ever been.  We applaud your interest in integrating these opportunities into your curriculum.  The SUNY COIL Center is holding additional workshops, webinars and other means of supporting COIL practitioners.  If you would like to be on our mailing list to learn about these opportunities, please sign up here.