Voice Thread Annotation

Instructor: Michael Kramer
Course/Department: History
Institution: SUNY Brockport
Subject: History


“Developing assignments in history courses that have students use annotation on VoiceThread asynchronous slide lectures that then feed into their writing assignments. It’s a way to help them work on their close, critical reading skills and to create holistic, sequenced, stepped pedagogy that helps them move from a lecture and readings to critical historical writing and analysis. I also have students work with the InQuizitive reading assessment tool that WW Norton provides with the Eric Foner Give Me Liberty textbook for my HST 212 Modern America course. My Digital History students pivoted to create a Pop-Up Covid-19 exhibit last spring: https://sunybrockporthistorydept.net/covid19/. My Sixties course completed interpretive history audio podcasts in fall 19 as their final projects. An example is here: https://www.brockport.edu/daily_eagle/items/view/17513.”

Recommended Number of Students: Has been used with ~20-25 students
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period

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