Innovative Assessment Symposium – April 2022

This 4-week symposium consisted of webinars held every Thursday in April.

At the beginning of the week each group emailed materials and examples from their topic.  On Thursday at 1:00pm of each week one subcommittee presented a webinar on their topic.  Each session included examples of the work and guests that had submitted examples and explored more about how these assessment strategies have been integrated this into the classroom.

Webinar Recordings and Resources

Week 1 Webinar: Ways to Assess Students Using Multiple Pathways through a Course

Thursday, April 7,  1:00 pm

Description: These assessments use non-traditional methods that allow students multiple ways to progress through the course depending on their preferred learning methods or assessments. The group identified four main groups of methods for allowing students to do this: 1) Specifications Grading, 2) Contract Grading, 3) Gamification, and 4) Adaptive Learning.

  • Specifications Grading – 5:58
  • Contract Grading – 15:19
  • Gamification – 22:05
  • Adaptive Learning – 33:32
  • How to Get Involved – 40:19

Presentation slide deck from Ways to Assess Students Using Multiple Pathways through a Course

Week 2 Webinar: What Can Real World Assessment Look Like?

Thursday, April 14, 1:00pm

Description: Authentic assessments is when students create or compose something that is intended for a real audience for a real purpose in a real forum and that receives real feedback from a real audience outside the classroom (so the student gets feedback from a person or people other than the teacher and other students in the class). The teacher and other students may also offer feedback and assessment at any point during the creation or composition process, but the outside audience’s feedback is required and is taken into account in the grade, even if the teacher disagrees with the judgements of the real audience.

Presentation slide deck from What Can Real World Assessment Look Like?

Week 3 Webinar: Strategies for Creating Socially Just Assessments

Thursday, April 21, 1:00pm

Description: Social justice assessment considers factors such as race, culture, language proficiency, socioeconomic status, and ability while working to dismantle systems of power, bias, and oppression in evaluation of student learning. Symposium participants will learn specific approaches, including equitable assessment, labor-based grading, and ungrading, in addition to strategies for applying these best practices in their courses.

Presentation slide deck from Strategies for Creating Socially Just Assessments

Week 4 Webinar: Learning Recognition Assessments: E-Portfolios for Assessing Learning

Thursday, April 28, 2022, 1:00pm

Description: Learning Recognition is the process by which learning, regardless of source, is acknowledged, validated and credentialed. Individuals continue to learn through work, life experiences, and personal study. Some of this learning can be recognized, regardless of the source of learning or the method by which that learning is evaluated, verifiable learning is valid learning. By recognizing learning acquired by all students, we provide more opportunities that enable students to be successful within the classroom. 

Slide Deck from D2L – Brightspace Portfolio