Multiple Pathways Research

This page has research articles for all Multiple pathways.

Adaptive Learning

  1. SUNY FACT 2 Adaptive Learning Task Group-
  2. Personalized adaptive learning: an emerging pedagogical approach enabled by a smart learning environment-
  3. Challenges and contexts in establishing adaptive learning in higher education: findings from a Delphi study-
  4. Informing and Performing: A Study Comparing Adaptive Learning to Traditional Learning-

Contract grading

  1. Getting Started with Contract Grading from HASTAC
  2. “So Your Instructor is Using Contract Grading” from Writing Commons
  3. Contract Grading Description and Template from SUNY Cortland

Specifications grading

  1. Tea for Teaching Podcast Interview with Linda Nilson about Specifications Grading


  1. Correcting Misconceptions About Gamification of Assessment: More Than SJTs and Badges-
  2. Higher Education Students’ Assessments towards Gamification and Sustainability: A Case Study-
  3. Using Educational Computer Games in the Classroom: Science Teachers’ Experiences, Attitudes, Perceptions, Concerns, and Support Needs-
  4. Chapter 1: Assessment for Game-Based Learning-
  5. Foundations of the game-based learning-
  6. An Exploratory Study of Digital Badges as an Assessment Tool-
  7. Assessment in and of Serious Games: An Overview-
  8. Game-Based Learning-
  9. Health Education Serious Games Targeting Health Care Providers, Patients, and Public Health Users: Scoping Review-
  10. Diagnostic Markers of User Experience, Play, and Learning for Digital Serious Games: A Conceptual Framework Study-
  11. Composition, Computer Games, and the Absence of Writing-


Microcredentialing of English Learner Teaching Skills: An Exploratory Study of Digital Badges as an Assessment Tool-