A Case of Teaching a Technology Course and COVID-19

Instructor: Alireza Ebrahimi & Lorenz Neuwirth
Course/Department: Business
Institution: Old Westbury
Subject: Business


Integrating Contemporary Topics into Teaching and Learning: A Case of Teaching a Technology Course and COVID-19 Integrating the curriculum with a contemporary topic connects the learning to real-life and makes the course relevant, novel, and innovative. The integration creates an engagement among the learners and results in competitive advantage and satisfaction. As an example, a contemporary topic can be chosen from what is happening and relevant to society. The topic can be then incorporated into the topics of the curriculum and set a framework for the course. The next task would be to ask the learner to customize and transform their learnings and collaborate by building awareness findings, and solutions. The integration phase may require extensive planning in every stage. This study demonstrates how the topics of Covid-19 are integrated throughout a business course “Web Systems and E-commerce”. The course consists of topics such as understanding the technology, web design, web site analysis, and creating an E-commerce from scratch with web hosting and web concepts including the basics of HTML coding and programming with Javascript and C++.

The COVID-19 is divided into fours phase of information, diagnostics, simulation, pattern matching, and findings. The following illustrates how the topic of the course and topic of COVID-19 are integrated The topics of course are in use HTML code to create a web page integrated to create an informative web page for the COVIS-19. The topics of web analysis of web pages are applied to the framework of the complete web page design with necessary links and topics. The websites related to the COVID-19 such as CDC and WHO are studied and analyzed. The course requires to learn and apply programming on the web page. The students require to build a simple diagnostic program that finds the diseases that have co-symptom to covid-19. The course requires to have a web hosting account and students are required to publish their COVID-19 web page.

Recommended Number of Students:
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period

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