The QQTP Approach

Instructor: Sonja Thomson

Course/Department: Office of Academic Affairs

Institution: Empire State College

Subject: Any


Instructions for the QQTP Approach-

The QQTP approach is how you will be asked to respond to the graded Discussions in this course and will probably involve steps that are different from how you have posted to discussions in other online courses. The QQTP approach is meant to encourage you to read the course material carefully because you will be asked to reflect on the concepts in the reading materials by articulating and sharing your ideas, and by raising meaningful questions to the other students in the class when you post to the discussion areas of the course. One last note about this method, I didn’t dream it up on my own, Connor-Greene (2005) developed the QQTP approach to assist students to better interact with the material and communicate ideas allowing them to participate more fully in class discussions.

So, this is how it works: The instructor will give you a reading assignment While reading, take notes so you can gather information for your post. For example, as a question comes to mind be sure to write it down. Same for the quotation, when one comes along that strikes you, write it down. When you are done reading, take time to reflect on that reading material so that you can formulate a post to the discussion area by Thursday of the first week of the module that includes the following: post a question that invites analysis, synthesis, or evaluation of the reading material or makes connections between the readings and previous discussions or readings. Your classmates will answer this question. provide a quotation, one that is especially pertinent or relevant to the main points of the reading and one that will prompt significant discussion; post two (2) Talking points that you think with initiate discussion amongst your classmates. These points should show that you have thought seriously and critically about the readings. These should let your classmates “see inside your head” as to what you think, accept, reject about the reading material. Your 2 talking points should cover different topics from the readings. The purpose of formulating and posting these is to help you organize your thoughts and focus your ideas. You then respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial discussion posts by either answering their questions or discussing their quotation or one of their talking points. At least one of your responses should be based on the article you did not address in your initial post. In addition, you need to monitor your own discussion thread and respond by dialoguing with peers and/or provide a summary at the end of the module. Remember, this is a discussion area and it is polite to respond when you receive a post. Be sure to enter the discussion regularly throughout the entire discussion. Do not wait until the last few days of the module to become active.

Recommended Number of Students: Any number of students
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in one class period, can be completed in more than 1 class period, or can be completed in a weeks time period


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