Flipped Classroom

Instructor: Dr. Chuo-Hsuan (Jason) Lee

Course/Department: Accounting

Institution: SUNY Plattsburgh

Subject: Accounting


Since Fall 2017 I have converted all of my courses so that they can be accessed online, even though I still teach them face-to-face. Each of my students can watch my pre-recorded class videos, use class materials, and submit assignments online, regardless of whether they are traditional or online students. I decided to change my teaching methodology by flipping the classroom, because I noticed that cellphone use has made it increasingly difficult for students to concentrate in class. I spent the entire summer recording my lectures as PowerPoint videos and posting the videos online for students to watch before coming to class. This allowed me to use class time for group discussions of current real-world topics designed to improve students’ critical thinking skills instead of lecture. My course is different from other courses, in that my students are encouraged to use their electronic devices during in-class group discussions to find information about the topic in question. This teaching innovation presents some very interesting results and has had a huge impact on my course development for the new Online Accounting Program.

I offer unlimited chances for students to work on online homework questions, because I do not want them to worry about making mistakes; I want them to use more time to focus on improving their thought process and understanding of the concepts. Also, for difficult questions, I have hints and/or pre-recorded videos to guide them through the process of solving a similar question. After learning from these examples, students will need to work through the same homework question but with different numbers involved. As students work on assignments with my guidance, they will start to learn the concepts without even realizing it. I offer students three attempts for each quiz and challenge them by not revealing the answers to them after each attempt. If students have any questions, they can contact me via Skype/Google Hangouts/Email, and if needed, I can screenshare with them to demonstrate how to solve specific questions step by step.

Recommended Number of Students: Any number of students
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period

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