English, Digital Divides: Race, Class, and Gender in the Age of the Internet

Instructor: Danica Savonick – Assistant Professor of English
Course/Department: English
Institution: SUNY Cortland
Subject: PWR or CPN courses


Digital Divides | Fall 2019

For this assignment, you will work in small groups to create a public (digital) project related to our course content, discussions, or your own personal interests. This assignment has several stages: 1) evaluating the affordances and limitations of different digital platforms in order to select the best one for the task you want to achieve 2) drafting a project proposal and voting on your top choices and 3) planning and executing your project.

You will select a medium (blog post, podcast, website, timeline, map, short video, syllabus, lesson plan, sculpture, etc.) and an audience with which to share your work (HASTAC.org, blog, magazine, journal, etc.). Alternatively, you may propose to organize an event, performance, or workshop on campus or to design a prototype. The primary criteria for this project is that it be useful: to you and, especially, to a specific audience, group, or community.

Recommended Number of Students: Has been used with ~20-25 students
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period


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