Discussion Forum

Instructor: Dr. Christine J. Hopple
Course/Department: English
Institution: Brockport/Dept. of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education
Subject: Dept. of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education


“PEP 444: online portion, during both f2f and when we were remote *Students in this class have a 30 hour field experience in an elementary school (has been remote/hybrid/or fully f2f – all over the gamut). I have set up discussion forums where students are asked to respond to specific prompts which dovetail with topics we are doing in class (they have to respond first, and then reply to other group members). Many times an analysis is required (e.g., observing a class and discussing the teachers’ use of feedback to students).

Students post their analysis and thoughts to the discussion forum, where a Teaching Assistant (student from the previous semester who volunteered for the post) provides feedback, thoughts, and more (and provides a grade for each post). My students have told me that they really like these, as they get to learn about lots of schools and situations, and, they really like the TA’s work (clearly, the better the TA, the better the experience). I ask students to really provide feedback for their peers and use our “shared technical language” – so many times they are (gently) helping their peers look at topics in a new/better way…

*I also do something of the sort with my PES 606 (Qualitative Research Methods) which I teach in the summer. Each module asks students to read and then complete an exercise (e.g., watch a video, read a scenario, etc.) and they then have to respond to the prompts using content from the course. I teach this course using an Arts-Based educational approach, so their video might be, e.g., a creative dance…or a YouTube music video.

For my final, I have students watch a movie (“Stories We Tell”) and students have to analyze it using content from the course.”

Recommended Number of Students: Has been used with ~20-25 students
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period

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