Outcomes-based Course Grading

Instructor: Lisa Flick
Course/Department: Biology
Institution: Monroe Community College
Subject: Immunology


My CLT 201 Immunology course is a critical component for the clinical laboratory technician program which culminates in a certification exam where students must achieve a score of 75% to pass. The course has 12 course learning outcomes and a student’s course grade is determined by the number of outcomes for which they can demonstrate competency. Competency is achieved if they earn at least 75% of the available points mapped to that outcome on the unit exams or final exam. Students that master all of the outcomes on the unit exams do not need to sit for the final. Students can opt to take the final exam and only answer the questions for the outcomes they have not yet mastered. This gives students more autonomy in the course and provides incentive for doing well on the unit exams (frees up time at the end of the semester when other classes have exams and projects due). It also makes the course and program assessment for our accreditation easier because student grades are more directly linked to course learning outcomes. A complete description of the grading strategy is found in that attached PDF file of my course syllabus.

Recommended Number of Students: Any number of students, although large classes of 100+ would be more difficult
Time Requirements (Approximate): Can be completed in a semester time period


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