Creation, Implementation, and Assessment of Anatomy and Physiology Online Laboratory Modules

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Principal Investigator: Adam Rich, Brockport This pilot project will develop pre-laboratory learning modules for A&P students, assess the effects of using these modules on student learning, and identify characteristics of the modules that may facilitate adoption of learning modules by faculty. The overall goal is to use technology to reduce face-to-face lab duration while maintaining learning outcomes, and to identify the most important features that will facilitate faculty adoption of this technology. Co-PI’s and Key Partners: Chris Price, SUNY Brockport Kanchana Mendes, SUNY Brockport Kathleen Reagan, SUNY Brockport Jeremy Browne, Brigham Young University Christopher Loretz, University at Buffalo Marirose Ethington, Genesee Community College Gary W Glaser, Genesee Community College Reports and Resources: Poster presentation – CIT 2013 Outline – Getting Ready Video Module Creative Commons License: