Update Project Outcomes

  • SUNY Excels Framework of Access, Completion, Success, Inquiry and Engagement
    We are seeking only a sentence or two that describes how your project outcomes are supporting SUNY Excels. Please only fill out the boxes that make sense for your project, and specific numbers are very helpful.

  • Access
    "To provide the people of New York with educational services of the highest quality, with the broadest possible access, fully representative of all segments of the population in a complete range of academic, professional and vocational postsecondary programs."
  • How might your project increase access or reach through enrollment in traditional, non-traditional, remedial, workforce, high school, certificate, non-credit, industry partnership or dual enrollment opportunities? Did it make an educational element more affordable?

  • Completion
    "We recognize the fundamental role of our responsibilities in undergraduate education and aim to provide a full range of graduate and professional education that reflects the opportunity for individual choice and the needs of society. Also, SUNY promotes appropriate program articulation between its state-operated institutions and its community colleges. Our goal is to increase degree/award production, non-degree completion, and services that support student completion, as well as enable those we serve to achieve their goals."
  • How might your project support or increase progress toward a degree, certificate or non-credit opportunity? Did it support student achievement in a measurable way?

  • Success
    "SUNY encourages regional networks and cooperative relationships with other educational and cultural institutions for the purpose of better fulfilling its mission of education, research, and service. With our robust system and campus supports for student success, students are prepared for the most successful possible launch into further education, career, and citizenship."
  • How might your project support or increase applied learning, internships, hands-on research, international or multicultural education, advising, career success, or educational financial awareness? Did it support student success in a measurable way?

  • Inquiry
    "We encourage and facilitate basic and applied research for the purpose of the creation and dissemination of knowledge vital for continued human, scientific, technological and economic advancement. As a result, SUNY seeks to increase external investment in SUNY research in order to continue to increase the level of confidence external entities have in SUNY as a system, its institutions, faculty, and programs."
  • How might your project support or increase student research, scholarship, discovery, innovation and (entrepreneurial) leadership? Did it increase scholarship in a measurable way? Were your findings presented at a non-CIT conference? (Note: there is a box further in the form to provide links to papers or articles describing outcomes.

  • Engagement
    "Our economic, societal, and cultural impact on New York State, and beyond is a direct result of our engagement and sharing of expertise with the business, agricultural, governmental, labor, and nonprofit sectors of the state. We strengthen and grow these relationships in order to enhance the well-being of the people of the state of New York, the health of local economies, and quality of life for New Yorkers. By translating innovation into new ideas, products, devices, services, and businesses, New York’s communities and society at large will benefit."
  • How might your project support Alumni/Civic Engagement, Commercialization, Philanthropic Support, Community Service? How would you describe this in a few sentences?

  • Please help establish the extended value of IITG by estimating the dollar value of any in-kind services received beyond your original IITG budget and/or any additional funds realized as the result of this project (other grants, new programs, services provided, etc.)

  • Please use the file upload options below and provide brief file (or link) descriptions.

    Examples may include:

  • -Documents that include information to replicate the project
  • -Links to data sources
  • -Websites that support your innovation
  • -Journal articles
  • -Campus articles or other news stories and videos that describe the project