Student Mediated Video Lecture Capture

Awarded Grant: $10,000

Principal Investigator:

Ronald Sarner, SUNYIT

Video lecture capture provides a complete audio and visual record of course sessions enable students to review course material, prepare for exams, and access classes they may have missed in whole or part. Using inexpensive consumer grade equipment without the necessity of a camera operator, and ClassX, an open-source system developed at Stanford, the viewer has complete pan and zoom control over the image that is displayed; and can select any portion of the capture image such as the screen or board for enlargement, and can dynamically change the selected portion.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Rosemary J. Mullick, Professor, SUNYIT
Jorge Novillo, Professor, SUNYIT
Christopher Urban, Lecturer, SUNYIT
Nick Merante, Instructional Support Assistant, SUNYIT

Reports and Resources:


Tech Gurus to Improve Digital Age Classrooms feature on SUNY Cortland Website

Creative Commons License:

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