Towards OPEN SUNY: A Novel On-line Learning Approach for ECE and ET Students

Awarded Grant: $6,000

Principal Investigator:

Mohammed Abdallah, SUNYIT

Online learning is the optimal solution for many students. However, current online learning approaches in engineering curriculum may lack some of the components necessary for experiential “hands-on” lab-based learning.  This project will prove the concept of the possibility of separating the hardware from the software side by removing the software access burden to various tool components through campus-based hosting while maintaining the access to local hardware. Students will be able to interact with local hardware and learn from the device engagement and interacting in the same manner their on-campus peers do.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Nick Merante, Instructional Support Assistant, Systems Administrator, Adjunct Lecturer, SUNYIT

Reports and Resources:

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