SUNY Geneseo Neuroscience Cyber Technology Laboratory (CTL) Course

Awarded Grant: $6,185

Principal Investigator:

Terence Bazzett, SUNY Geneseo

The Society for Neuroscience recently funded the development of an open access online portal for housing neuroscience activities. The portal, named ERIN (Educational Resources in Neuroscience), allows free access to all activities ( Objectives of the present proposal are:

  • Investigate the utility of ERIN as an ancillary to primary classroom instruction in a variety of related courses (e.g. Biopsychology, Behavioral Pharmacology, Behavior Genetics)
  • Assess the effectiveness of ERIN in conveying concepts that underlie learning objectives of related courses
  • Determine the feasibility of creating a distance learning or hybrid course using ERIN as the primary source for assignments

Reports and Resources:

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