Awarded Grant:

  • $52,500 (2013)
  • $60,000 (2012)

Principal Investigator:

Peter Shea, University at Albany

This project will continue progress from our original IITG proposal on the development of a joint, online, academic program that promotes understanding of games for learning and results in a network of interdisciplinary participants through the Open SUNY Framework. This phase of the project will be characterized by additional partnering with industry as we seek to develop and acquire the resources and funding to bring our vision to full fruition. New partners on this proposal include the Troy-based game-design companies First Playable, Agora Games, and the atmospheric simulation and forecasting company MESO. We are also in the process of establishing a working relationship with the Boston-based game developer Turbine Games, (a subsidiary of Warner Bros). The benefits of these partners include the potential of both in-kind and cash contributions above and beyond levels required by the IITG program that will allow us to accelerate success achieved through the initial proposal.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

  • Dr. Alandeon W. Oliveira, Assistant Professor of Science Education, University at Albany
  • Jason Vickers, Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Albany, Department of Educational Theory and Practice
  • Daniel Goodwin, Head, Studio Art Program, Graduate Director, Department of Art and Art History – University at Albany
  • Jennifer Goodall, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Informatics Department, College of Computing and Information, University at Albany
  • George Berg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computer Science, University at Albany
  • James McElwaine, Professor emeritus of Music, Purchase College; Professor of Music, Queens College, CUNY
  • Prof. Jianwei Zhang, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Theory and Practice, University at Albany
  • Dr. Roberta Johnson, Clinical Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Science, University at Albany
  • Dr. Edward Bever, Professor of History and Director of Distance Learning, Department of History and Philosophy / SUNY College at Old Westbury
  • Larry Dugan, Director of Online Learning, Finger Lakes Community College
  • Bina Ramamurthy, Title: Associate Professor Computer Engineering, University at Buffalo
  • Diane G. Gal, PhD, Associate Professor, School for Graduate Studies, Empire State College
  • Eileen O’Connor, PhD, Associate Professor, School for Graduate Studies, Empire State College

In Kind Contributors (Not funded through IITG):

  • Tobi Saulnier, CEO, First Playable Games
  • Aaron Westendorf, Senior Software Engineer, Agora Games
  • Glenn Van Knowe, Vice President, MESO
  • Anna Zhou, Graduate Student, University at Albany

Reports and Resources:

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