Rural Schools Virtual Project [RSVP]: Expanding Access to Advanced & Elective Online Coursework

Awarded Grant: $19,000

Principal Investigator:

Thomas Giblin, SUNY Brockport

The Rural Schools Virtual Project [RSVP] has several outcome goals, including: 1. Creation of a partnership model for rural schools and teacher education colleges throughout SUNY; 2. Expanded course offerings for students in rural schools; 3. Expanded teacher candidate opportunities, specifically focused on online k-12 teaching and learning. With the assistance of SUNY IITG funding, the PI and Co-PI will: a) Recruit one secondary teacher in a rural school and two teacher candidates at the College at Brockport, to collaboratively teach one high school course not available at each rural school site (e.g. through the VHS Collaborative). b) Visit the participating teacher with teacher candidates in Fall 2013. c) Supervise teacher candidates as they observe, assist, and learn to teach online with the rural secondary teacher online during Spring 2014.

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