Open Media Lab

Awarded Grant: $10,000

Principal Investigator:

Laura Chipley, SUNY College at Old Westbury

Open Media Lab will expand multimedia production teaching and learning through the creation of an online multimedia production lab. The Lab will be a public website on SUNY Commons and will consist of a series of open educational resources in the form of video and text tutorials. To support replication, these flexible modules will be easy to embed in any LMS. Tutorials will cover the basics of audio recording, moving and still image capture, editing and distribution. This project will expand access to the tools of creative, multimedia production, making it possible for any student, in any location with a smart phone, PC and Internet access to create videos, podcasts and interactive multimedia projects. This access will allow educators, across the disciplines, to expand the number of students exposed to the skills and norms of production thereby closing the digital divide and the participation gap while expanding digital literacy.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Professor Smith, Director of the Collaborative Media Center and an Assistant Professor of video and new media, SUNY College at Old Westbury

Reports and Resources: