Integration of Virtual and Real Equipment Learning Tools Related to Sustainability Education

Awarded Grant: $15,000

Principal Investigator:

Mark A. Bremer, SUNYIT

Sustainable energy, such as wind and solar, can contribute significantly to meet the energy demand of New York State. Implementing sustainable energy will require the development of technology as well as public understanding and acceptance of sustainable systems. Therefore, integration of sustainability education into SUNY programs as well as providing opportunities for K-12 students to see and interact with sustainable energy is crucial. The innovation of this project emphasizes the integration of a recently developed IITGrant virtual technical tool with real system learning tools including a portable, reusable solar/wind power plant to address sustainability issues. The objectives of this project are to create an integrated combination of sustainability related virtual – real activities/exercises that would be appropriate to 1) support undergraduate sustainability and alternative energy related courses, 2) support SUNYIT K-12 outreach programs both on and off campus, and 3) address teaching high risk young people.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Philip Hofmeyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Renewable Energy Training Center, Morrisville State College
Ibrahim Yucel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Information Sciences and Technology , SUNYIT
Christopher Urban, Lecturer, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems (CIS) Technology, SUNYIT
Kenneth T Waight III, Ph.D., Senior Scientist/ Director of Atmospheric Modeling, MESO Inc.
Xinchao Wei, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Civil/Environmental Engineering, SUNYIT
Glenn E. Van Knowe, Ph.D., Adjunct Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Technology, SUNYIT
Robert Keesee, Ph.D., Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry, University at Albany
Brian Hong-An Tang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Atmospheric Science, University at Albany
Elizabeth Rossi, K-12 Outreach Director, SUNYIT
Suzanne Tulino, Director, Taberg Residential Center for Girls, New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)

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