Integrated Online Database for Plant Identification and Use in the Landscape

Awarded Grant: $12,200

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Nina Bassuk, Cornell University

We seek to develop an integrated web-based tool to aid students and external stakeholders to access information about the identification and use of woody plants in the landscape. We have developed a searchable database for woody plants; however, recent changes in technology would enable us to make this more widely accessible, including better graphic representation and searchable options while adding more in-depth information and enhancing the learning experience. The online database will be freely available to other SUNY campuses to use in their curricula. The grant also provides an opportunity to pilot and explore the potential for expanding the location-based data to other SUNY campuses. An example of future capabilities might include a scenario where plants will be geographically referenced with GPS and mapped using open source GIS software. Moreover, we will enable the database to be accessed on smart phones and tablets so that it has real field application.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Dr. Ellen J. Cramer, Information Technology Consultant, Remarc Solutions

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Attribution Non-Commercial Use Share Alike