Impact of a Cloud-Based Program on SLOs in an Online Health Assessment Course

Awarded Grant: $19,400

Principal Investigator:

Susan Deane, SUNY Delhi

As clinical practicum experiences become more and more difficult for nursing students to acquire, alternatives need to be explored. SUNY Delhi will assess student outcomes utilizing the interactive digital clinical experience (DCE), ShadowHealth, for an online Health Assessment course in the RN-BSN program. Using ShadowHealth, students will interact with a virtual patient, Tina Jones™, in a virtual hospital setting conducting health history and system-based assessments. Student learning outcomes will be evaluated through the use of grading rubrics, module summaries, and written transcripts of student activities within the program. The relationship between student demographic characteristics, class retention, assessment of student learning outcomes, and student satisfaction among student using ShadowHealth will be identified. This use of technology is expected to have significant impact on nursing students to achieve successful course and program outcomes.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Dr. Kirsty Digger, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, SUNY Delhi
Dr. Mary Pat Lewis, Associate Dean, School of Nursing, SUNY Delhi
Elizabeth Pratt, MSN, RNC, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, SUNY Delhi

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