Engaging Students in Information Literacy and Digital Literacy through Emerging Technologies

Awarded Grant: $5,143

Principal Investigator:

Jessica Clemons, SUNY ESF

The project will be an interactive and creative group activity for students in our ESF:200 information literacy classes. Currently there is a paper-based question sheet with prompts like, “Where is the Quiet Study Room located?” In lieu of this requirement, we will group students and have them explore the physical library. Using the iPod touches, students will take photos and videos of the spaces and resources in the library. Students will share what they learned with the class immediately after completing the exercise. Students learn how to use technology to better utilize the library resources as well as how to get information face to face. Near the end of the course students will use the iPopd to evaluate database apps when available. These activities demonstrate to students the responsive nature of the library staff and resources.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Stephen P. Weiter, Director, College Libraries, SUNY ESF

Reports and Resources:

  • A presentation to help students use iPods
  • This is the instruction sheet that the groups of students use. It has a variety of questions and students choose what they want to share with the class. The iPods are engraved with numbers so each group is responsible for reporting on at least 1 specific question
  • This is the evaluation form that students filled out. No names were required and comments were highly encouraged. These comments help me to regularly update and improve the exercises
  • Project website
  • Project outcomes report


Creative Commons License:

Attribution Share Alike