Developing a Semi-standardized and Accessible Introduction to Computer Science Course for the SUNY System

Principal Investigator:

Sen Zhang, Oneonta

Introduction to computer science courses vary widely from campus to campus within SUNY as well as outside the SUNY system. This project aims to explore and develop a semi-standardized and accessible introduction to computer science course that can potentially be adopted by multiple SUNY campuses. The course will be developed by the PI and Co-PIs (SUNY collaborating computer science instructors, see below), with review and input from other CS faculty members, and piloted (via online instruction) in the classes of the PI and Co-PIs. Course materials will be shared within the SUNY system through the SUNY Learning Commons and presentation at the annual SUNY CIT conference. The outcomes of the proposed work will align with Open SUNY and support seamless transfer, as well as address national, state and SUNY ( STEM-C (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) education priorities.

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