Design and Testing of Laboratory Instruction Management System (LIMS)

Principal Investigator:

Alexander Nazarenko, Buffalo State College

We propose to introduce a Laboratory Instruction Management System by implementation of electronic notebooks and computerizing data acquisition. Students will plan and document all aspects of an experiment; laboratory instructions will be incorporated into a notebook template and adjusted at the time of preparation for a new experiment. ELN is accessible to the instructor at any step; the report creation will be automatic. Instructor will be able to make the corrections directly in the ELN. Successful completion of this project should serve as a pattern for implementation of LIMS in the educational laboratory environment.

Reports and Resources:

  • A poster describing main features and achievements of the project. Was presented at CIT 2013. A very similar presentation was made at SUNY Buffalo State level (14th annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum, Oct 31, 2013)


Creative Commons License:

Attribution Share Alike