Bring Your Own Learning (BYOL): Using MDM to Personalize Learning Environments to Students

Principal Investigator:

Ken Fujiuchi, Buffalo State

Learning is a social activity that evolves from our interactions, daily activities, and education. We incorporated two key elements of situated learning theory: “communities of practice” where learning is achieved through the social and collaborative interaction in a common environment, and “learning in context” where students have the opportunity to learn on demand when the need arises based on location, environment, time, or social context. Using a mobile device management (MDM) system, we can deliver a learning environment that can dynamically adjust and tune to the needs of our student’s mobile devices. Also because of the portable nature of mobile devices, the students don’t have to limit their learning process to a specialized lab or class time. This allows all students to start with the same technological foundation, but maintain the flexibility to experiment with tools and content to adapt to their own learning needs.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Andrew Chambers, Library Information Management Officer, Buffalo State
Kerry Renzoni, Assistant Professor of Music and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Music Education Program, Buffalo State

Reports and Resources: