4C-CITI: Four-College Consortium for Innovative Technology Integration

Awarded Grant: $20,000

Principal Investigator:

Shufang Shi, SUNY Cortland

Faculty from four SUNY campuses – Cortland, Fredonia, Buffalo State, and Onondaga Community College, decided to capitalize on inter-campus skills in innovative technology integration. Their goal is to pilot a collaborative model for using relevant digital learning tools within teacher education coursework. This work will be done through mutual mentoring (in instructional design, technical knowledge, and navigating the complexity of multi-layered P-16 institutions), as we use, demonstrate, and then compile exemplary teaching strategies. We anticipate completing several rounds of modeling and refining teaching practices, by embedding what we envision as project-identified Backpack Tools in collaborators’ courses. These instructional experiences will be compiled as project digital Strategy Backpacks during Year 1, then shared through campus and SUNY-wide channels.

Co-PI’s and Key Partners:

Kathleen Gradel, Language, Learning and Leadership Department, SUNY Fredonia
Sharon Raimondi, Director, Joint Doctoral Program at UB in conjunction with Buffalo State College
Chris Widdall, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department, SUNY Cortland
Karl Klein, Computer Studies Department, Onondaga Community College

Reports and Resources:

  • The 4C-CITI Website addresses three core needs:
    • The contradictory rapid change in technology integration in K-12 education (i.e., in school districts), versus that in higher education teacher preparation programs.
    • The relative insularity of higher ed faculty, as they work with preservice and inservice educators.
    • The heavy focus on tool use – versus tool use driven by pedagogy – in many available resources.
  • This website represents the cumulative work the multi-campus collaborative.  Using the notion of a “digital backpack,” each collaborator compiled exemplars of technology-integrated instruction, samples of student work, and links to tools.
  • Project outcomes report


Tech Gurus to Improve Digital Age Classrooms feature on SUNY Cortland Website

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