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Developing Active Learning Module: Enhancing Student Learning using Portable Computer-Based Alternative Laboratory Platform

Paulo Castillo

Project Team
  • Dr. Mihaela Radu

Farmingdale State College


Tier One


Project Abstract:

This project aims to develop and implement computer-based active learning modules involving digital and analog circuits to be run as a pilot experiment for undergraduate electrical engineering/engineering technology students. While technological resources and expensive real-world equipment has been integrated into laboratory courses, time spent in the lab is often limited and focused on complex predetermined laboratory procedures. To create new opportunities for hands-on experiential learning, the module is developed based on the Analog Discovery platform to provide a simple tool for students to build and test real-world functional circuits, perform experiments, run simulations and troubleshoot. As an alternate lab, it takes the place of expensive laboratory equipment such as function generators and oscilloscope, making this platform affordable, portable, and accessible to students anytime, anywhere. Accessibility gives student more control over their learning and aligns with the theme of Individualized Education that SUNY is committed to.

Project Outcome: