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Minecraft MOOC for Educators (MIME)

Ms. Allyson Kaczmarek, Program Developer

Project Team

University at Buffalo


Tier One


Project Abstract:

"The proposed project (MIME) aims to offer educators a Minecraft MOOC specialization of courses that features a roadmap for development of interdisciplinary curriculum, concrete ideas for participant engagement and easy configuration steps for multiplayer servers in public and classroom settings.
This project looks to strip away the approachability barrier when utilizing Minecraft 3D sandbox engineering software. It will provide educators with personal evidence to the level of focus and engagement students embrace learning within Minecraft. Additionally educators will learn how to take advantage of existing maps and mods that can enhance lesson plans and provide computer programming experience for their students. MIME will leverage Dikkers (2015) “How teachers learn to use Minecraft in their classrooms” for educators to become comfortable interacting with their students within the game. Additionally MIME will use Toppo’s (2015) “The Game Believes in you” to recreate situations that illustrate how gaming improves student learning and experiences.
Dikkers, S. (2015). Teachercraft: how teachers learn to use minecraft in their classrooms. Lulu. com.
Download Dikkers Book:
Toppo, G. (2015). The game believes in you: how digital play can make our kids smarter. Macmillan."

Project Outcome: