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Expanding Mobile Makerspaces to Enhance Active Learning throughout Suffolk County Community College

Kerry Carlson

Project Team
  • Susan Lieberthal, Suffolk County Community College
  • Dana Antonucci-Durgan, Suffolk County Community College
  • Fiona Grady,Suffolk County Community College
  • Paul Basileo, Suffolk County Community College
  • Peter DiGregorio, Suffolk County Community College
  • Larry Perlman, Suffolk County Community College

Suffolk County Community College


Tier Two

Project Abstract:

This project will expand the 2014 tier I SUNY IITG entitled “Creating Mobile Makerspaces to Support Experiential Learning” awarded to Suffolk County Community College’s Eastern campus library. The Tier II project will extend the Tier I successes to Suffolk’s other two campuses to provide active learning opportunities through the use of mobile makerspaces that enhance student learning and further student engagement. Mobile makerspaces are areas set aside for individuals to explore and create with technology which libraries can implement in minimal space. The new mobile makerspaces will be developed in partnership with academic departments to provide opportunities for active learning using 3D printing and video production. Additionally, informal active learning opportunities using these technologies will provide hands on experience with standard equipment used in the industry. The project will assess the effectiveness of mobile makerspaces on student engagement and discovery to serve as a model for the SUNY system.

Project Outcome:

Both the 3D printer and the One Button Studio support the SUNY Excel of Completion. The 3D printer has been used by students in Anatomy & Physiology classes to print "human skeletons" to aid in the study of the various bones and bone structure of the human body. Additionally, cell phone microscope clips were made for the biology classes to provide a mobile microscope for studying. The One Button Studio was utilized by students in Communications and Theater classes to practice speeches and monologues. By providing these instructional technologies to our students, we are supporting differentiated learning styles and providing them with the support to finish their certificate or degree.

Project Outcome Report
Final Report