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Workshop materials for the creation of algorithmic and mathematical problems in Blackboard.

Casey Raymond

Project Team



Tier One

Project Abstract:

This project will create a set of documents and videos describing methods to create numeric questions in Blackboard that contain multiple dependent variables. The use of multiple dependent variables allow for complex, multi-step questions to be provided to students. It also allows for the creation of multiple choice questions where each student receives different numerical values. Both of these types of questions are valuable to student learning in STEM. This was available in ANGEL, but not in other LMSs.

Project Outcome:

This project developed materials that other educators can use to create assessment tools in common on-line course management systems. This can provide cost savings to students by not requiring the student to purchase access to publisher provided content or other third party systems. The ability to create mathematical assessment tools will aid on-line instruction in all areas of STEM education, whether for STEM majors or within a general education context.

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