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Imagine, for a moment, a learning environment where students are encouraged to contribute to the content of the course as curators of information to help build a class textbook. Or, one where students share articles or resources to build a topic repository, activity guide, or collection of case studies. Imagine a learning environment that fosters connections between students and communities of practice, engaging them in creating evidence of learning that matters to them and impacts their world.

This is the practice of Open Pedagogy. It is an approach that builds confidence and creativity, fosters ownership and independent thinking, encourages reflective practice, and engages students at the core of their learning experience, fundamentally changing the way they interact with content, with each other, and with their world.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Synthesize and articulate a definition of open pedagogy based on readings and perspectives from experts in the field.
  • Examine the relationship between what we know about effective teaching and learning and the additional capabilities afforded by OER.
  • Explore ideas and examples for student ownership of course content and engagement in course management spaces as it aligns with open pedagogy practices.
  • Create or adapt learning activities to be learner-centered and aligned with the principles of open pedagogy.
  • Remix a course module that invites students to engage in remixing activities and resources and participate in reciprocal teaching.

Please review the course learning activities to be sure you’ve completed all reflective journals, discussions, assignments, and capstone project to earn your course badge!

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