Welcome to Identifying, Finding, and Adopting OER

Identifying, Finding, and Adopting OER Course IconWith OER, you have the freedom to move beyond the confines of a single textbook that may not match your exact needs. With that freedom comes a sense of liberty, and maybe a little trepidation.

How do you find these texts?  How do you know if they can be considered OER?  Can you use more than one textbook, or even parts of many?  How will you pull all of this together? Where will you turn for help along the way?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and describe the characteristics of OER
  • Articulate the difference between free-to-access, public domain, and open licensing
  • Recognize and distinguish between different types and formats of OER
  • Access and use OER search utilities and services
  • Locate OER related to specific subjects or disciplines
  • Evaluate the source and quality of OER
  • Select OER for course adoption