Welcome to Customizing and Integrating OER

Customizing and Integrating OER Course IconOER are offered in a wide variety of digital formats, and open licensing enables us to edit and share learning content without copyright restrictions.

When selecting OER, matching the content to learning objectives is clearly the priority. But not every OER will be in direct alignment with those objectives, and you may want to add to, or edit, that OER in some way. Remember, one of the most powerful aspects of open licensing is the ability to modify, or remix, content.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define OER editing platforms
  • Compare and contrast OER editing platforms
  • List the features of an editing platform
  • Categorize editing platform features as necessary, desirable, or optional
  • List technical options and protocols for integrating open content into learning management systems and other learning environments
  • Explain how these technical options and protocols work
  • Demonstrate the integration of OER content from an editing platform into a Learning Management System or other learning environment