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What is SUNY Online+?

SUNY Online+ Programs represent a partnership between campuses and SUNY system.  These programs are supported by signature elements and sub-elements that define quality for SUNY Online+ Programs and raise the bar of online-enabled education at SUNY.

Having your online program designated as a SUNY Online Plus Program means:

  • Reaching more prospective students and growing program recognition through visibility on the SUNY Online website and search priority in the online SUNY Program Navigator.
  • Having a seat at the table to shape future SUNY Online services and supports by providing input and feedback to the SUNY Online team.
  • Privileged access to opportunities and resources as we pilot and launch new services and supports for SUNY Online.

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What is SUNY Online Degrees at Scale?

The SUNY Online Degrees at Scale Pilot was launched in response to a Request for Information that SUNY System Administration conducted in 2018 to better understand how SUNY could expand their role in the online education market. After careful consideration and input from a wide range of campus stakeholders, SUNY decided to leverage existing resources and academic programs from exemplary campuses and invest in additional marketing, staffing, and technology to build SUNY Online Degrees at Scale. The initiative was fast-paced and ambitious – the initial set of academic programs was selected toward the end of Spring 2019 and the first set of students was enrolled for Fall 2019.

NOTE: The SUNY Online Degrees at Scale pilot was initially called “SUNY Online”, but it is now called “SUNY Online Signature Programs” to differentiate this initiative from the broader “SUNY Online” functions.


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How do I get my courses and/or programs listed on the SUNY Online website?

The SUNY Online Course and Program Navigator is a searchable database of SUNY-wide online course and program offerings that provides the user with course and program details, campus registration and tuition information, and more. It is a centralized search tool for students to discover courses and programs available across SUNY by subject area, institution, degree level, and more.


To add a course, create a Course Catalog File ticket with the Help Desk  and include the completed course submission template file. For more information, contact Willow Harris.

To add a program, complete the Program Add/Change Request form. For more information, contact Dan Feinberg.